Welcome to An Lab at Korea University

We are a computational genomics lab studying the etiology of developmental disorders and complex human diseases using high-dimensional genomic data. Our lab utilises a range of genomics and systems biology approaches to better understand regulatory features and cellular trajectory across the human brain development.

We focus on:

  • Understanding rare mutations associated with rare and developmental disorders.
  • Leveraging single cell RNA sequencing to understand neurodevelopment and disorders.
  • Integrating epigenome and transcriptome data to better understand genetic heterogeneity in human disorders.

Technologies and methods

The An Lab is primarily a computational biology group that uses a wide range of genomic, bioinformatic, and statistical methods including: whole-exome sequencing, whole-genome sequencing, bulk and single cell RNA-sequencing, epigenome sequencing, and cloud computing.


We work with closely with numerous collaborators, including the Sanders Lab at UCSF, the Cristino Lab at Translational Research Institute, Australia, and the Autism Sequencing Consortium.

Joining An Lab

If you are interested in joining please go to the join us page.


We are grateful for funding from the National Research Foundation of Korea and Institute for Bio Materials, Korea University.


Dec 28th 2020

Hyeji, Minku, Jaehyun Kim, and Jaehyun Park joined the team for undergraduate internship. Welcome!

Aug 1st 2020

Joon Got an Young Investigator Award at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society.

Jul 1st 2020

Our new work published in eLife, studying Homeostatic plasticity fails at various autism gene (link).

May 29th 2020

Congratulations to Lizzy Choi, graduate student in our lab who was awarded a Kwanjeong Fellowship. We look forward to learning from your important work!

Apr 7th 2020

BarinVar! Our new work is published in Cell Reports (link). Multi-omics study to the development of human prefrontal cortex.

Jan 23th 2020

Very excited to present our new work in Cell (link). This is the largest gene discovery of autism spectrum disorder using whole exome sequencing.

Oct 28th 2019

Dahae, Yujin, Ganghee, and Seoyeon joined the team for undergraduate internship. Welcome!

Sep 1st 2019

Yeonji from the Seoul National University Hospital joined the team for the clinical genomics project. Welcome!

Jul 1st 2019

Lizzy, Yerim and Yong-Jin joined the team for undergraduate internship. Welcome!

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